I am free

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

“Examine me, and probe my thoughts! Test me, and know my concerns! See if there is any idolatrous tendency in me, and lead me in the reliable ancient path!” ~Psalm 139:23-24 (NET)

What or Who guides my life?

That’s what this Psalm is all about.  What or Who rules in my heart and mind.  What or Who consumes my spirit and body?

So David prays: “Examine and probe my thoughts and test me – and if any part of me follows or bows to something other than You, Lord, lead me back onto the ancient path … Your path.”

Today, I want to remind all of us that all people make mistakes.

We all bow to silly and even dangerous things from time to time.  So this morning I pray,

“Let my heart be guided by mercy today.  Let me not deal harsh with myself or others but rather be magnanimous.  May I show mercy to others as God has shown mercy to me.  May I forgive as I have been forgiven.  And may I live in that forgiveness as I also forgive myself.  May I understand that true forgiveness is not a lack of discernment but is rather “selective remembering.”

For the mind that forgives is a mind that is closer to its true nature.

The fact that I forgive that nasty part in me or in you doesn’t mean we just “let it go.”

It doesn’t mean you “got away with something” or “I let myself off the hook.”

It simply means I’m free to go back to the light, reclaim my inner peace, and stay there.trinity church whangarei tikipungaYou see, all of us live outside our godly power at times.  So, I can only hope and pray to be kinder today than I have been before, to myself and all those around me – those who “succeed” as well as those who “fall.”

I can only pray that they, as much as I, feel from me the love of a sincere friend.

Every person carries within them the seed of God, and every moment in time and space carries the potential for a miraculous unfolding of the impossible.

It is not what happens on the outside, but how we see it from the inside, that determines our grace within any situation and the joy we can derive from and bring to it.

In every moment I have a choice – I can look through the eyes of the world, or through the eyes of love.  One always produces darkness even when we paint it white, while the other produces light even when we try to deny it.  One leads to fall, the other a life of freedom and abundance. trinity church whangarei tikipungaToday I make a choice for life and love.  Today I too declare myself powerless outside of God, and yearn for God’s grace to fill my heart, mind, soul and might afresh – not for my sake alone – but to be a light in darkness – and salt where needed (see Matthew 5:13-16).

May light and peace fill your life.

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  1. Awesome bro! I’m really enjoying these blogs/posts especially with the long hours and many days on end that I am working at the moment. I haven’t been to church for 2 Sundays (feels more) so these messages have been very helpful. Cheers