Learn to detach from stuff

“If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.”  ~Jesus (Luke 17:33)

In order to truly experience God’s peace flowing into our hearts, we must get to the point in our spiritual journey where we detach from stuff. A different way of saying this is that we need to learn how to surrender our lives and everything in it.


The Ancient Scriptures teach us that God knows everything about us. God knows when we stray from the path.  He knows that hurts in our hearts that fester for years unhealed. He knows the wounds that we carry with us and just how much they are destroying us from the inside out. God knows of our crooked ways that need to be made straight.

It says in the Psalms (139) that God knows everything about us and that there is nothing we can do or any place that we can go where His presence is not.

It also teaches us that He has an infinite desire and the power to heal us and restore our lives.

There comes a point however where it doesn’t really matter so much how we got to be a certain way or carry the things that we carry. All that really matters is that we get to a place where we admit and acknowledge our shortfalls — and take responsibility for the fact that regardless of how we got to where we are, they are ours now or this is who we are.  Only then can true healing begin.  Only when we learn how to surrender who we are, and lay that person down at God’s feet and mercy, can He start moving powerfully in our lives.

The Apostle Paul taught that God reached out to us and saved us while we were still sinners (Rom.5:8).  So even though God is not limited by our flaws and who we are, our healing is.

So many people spent hours talking to therapists and counsellors to sort out their lives, but regardless of how much time you spend talking about your problems you cannot move forward until you name and surrender it.

“Naming it, surrendering it to God, and asking Him to remove it — that’s the miracle of personal transformation (and spiritual growth — added).” ~ Marianne Williamson

Jesus taught that we cannot retain life by clinging to it.  We also can’t solve our character flaws by holding onto them.  When we reach a place in our spiritual journey and relationship with God where we truly desire inner peace, we must realise that peace starts flowing the moment we surrender ourselves and everything about us to Him.

So something to consider this month as we continue reflecting on “God is inner peace” is, what in or about your life do you need to detach from or surrender to Him?  This is a crucial step in our spiritual journeys as we grow into the life God desires us to have.


Pastor G