Make the most of this moment

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

In life only one moment counts, namely this one!  It says in the ancient Psalms (39) that each man’s life is but a breath; man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro.  We are all frail and finite, and the only thing that matters is what we do with this moment – every moment.  

Because what you do with it can both liberate you from the past and move you toward a compelling future, or it can stay your prison forever.

If you’re unhappy with where you are, then change! If you can’t change your situation right now, then change at least your thoughts or beliefs.

If you need to move, then move!  You are not an old tree planted to stay in one place.

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

If you need to stand up, stand up!  If you don’t have the physical strength to do so yet or perhaps even anymore, then let your spirit be built up and rise above your limitations.

If you need to forgive, forgive!  Lingering in the presence of hatred and unforgiveness is useless and a waste of life.  You will find yourself to be the only prisoner of that prison.

If you’re tired and distressed, find something or someone worthwhile to live for!  Maybe you can even discover a good enough reason in the mirror.  When we lose our purpose or lack meaning in life, we enter into a dangerous inner tag-a-war game with ourself.

Irrespective of your faith or creed, in life and in every moment we all have to take responsibility on three levels:

  1. You have to take responsibility for WHAT you do.
  2. You have to take responsibility for what you do NOT do.
  3. You have to take responsibility for HOW you respond to what’s being done to you.

It is true, by not trying you can never fail.  But, by never failing you can never learn.  And without learning you cannot grow.

And when growth is absent, the absence of life isn’t too far behind also.

The only moment that matters is this one.

It says in the Ancient Scriptures (James 4), how do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?  And because this is true, no moment is more beautiful than this one.

May I encourage you with these words as I do so many people:  Do what you can.  Love fully.  Live today!

May light and peace fill your life my Friend!