Spirit of Disciplines

“So … let’s list those activities that have had a wide and profitable use among disciples of Christ and approach them in a prayerful, experimental way.” ~Dallas Willard

I want to personally invite you to our worship gatherings over the next couple of months as we continue our new series on:

“The Spirit of Disciplines: taking up Jesus’ yoke”

It’s a series focusing on various spiritual disciplines as practised by the ancient believers, priests, mystics and Church.

We will break these disciplines up in various categories:

Inward & Abstinence

Outward Disciplines

Corporate Disciplines

The aim to discover and learn some real practical disciplines we can (and should) adopt into our lives as Christians to grow closer to God and be transformed more and more in the process.

I guarantee that some of them will challenge and change you before we’re done with the series.

We live in a world where noise, busyness, lack of privacy, rushing around, and crowds etc. have taken over our lives. We follow blindly, never stopping to consider whether there could be a better way to do life.

People are more scared, anxious, depressed, substance dependent, and lost than ever before.

Yes, there are many things to celebrate and embrace, but it’s like we’re on the brink of a great divide. Almost like something has got to give … either way.

As Christians, literally “people of the Way,” we have a role to play in this world that seems to want to spin out of control.

That role isn’t one of added judgement and condemnation, but rather peace and hope. But that’s impossible without having it live within us first.

We need to rediscover what the ancients knew intuitively. We need to embrace some of the traditions of the mystics in our traditions. We need to find a different rhythm to do life by.

If we are just as fear-filled, anxious, hating, angry, depressed, loveless and lost as many others, what is our message really or why is it any better? 

This series is deeply spiritual, but it’s also incredibly practical.

It is time to be truly transformed by the life-giving Spirit available to all of us.

So, it would be great to see you all there.

And bring some mates who would love to learn this stuff.

May light and peace fill your life.