The Golden Rule

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

In the gospel according to Luke (6:31), Jesus taught his disciples a principle that is now known as the Golden Rule: “do to others as you would have them do to you.”  A simple yet profound principle, should people understand and apply it in their lives correctly.

Let’s consider the implications of this principle for our lives today,

do to other people what you would want them to do to you …”

In a real sense, what you want more of in your life, do more of it to someone else or in someone else’s life.

“Do unto others as you want done unto you.”

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

At another time Jesus also taught his disciples the principle, ASK and you shall receive,” but this Golden Rule is in a real sense more about GIVE and you shall receive.”  Have you ever thought about that?  So many of us connect ‘asking and receiving,’ but not ‘giving and receiving.’

Give love in order to attract and experience more love yourself.

Instill hope in someone else in order to experience more hope yourself.

Elicit courage from someone else to experience and grow in your own courage.

Empower in order to be empowered.

Give time in order to have more time.

Encourage peace to attract and experience more peace.

Build someone else up first in order to be built up yourself.

Instill faith in someone else, and receive more faith.

Give and you shall receive – or be given to.

Never with this intention but always built on this principle.

It seems what we become more of we draw into our lives more of – whether that be a blessing or merely a natural consequence of what’s been sown; either way it seems that our lives benefit from becoming more or sharing, before demanding.

The moment we start understanding and following the principle Jesus taught his disciples – and consequently us too – our lives will be transformed.

We will move from a demanding, blaming, powerless, unhappy, unfulfilled, victim-mentality state to a life of victory and freedom where we seek first to serve and add value without being attached to the outcome, making us unconditional in our love and blessings to others.

Only then will people stand amazed and truly glorify our Heavenly Father for our good deeds (Matt.5).  Self-serving, self-focused Christianity is a contradiction in itself.  Become more first, in order to have and see more.

Scripture also tells us to,

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” 

In other words, making known but with an attitude of abundance (being thankful) and unattached to the outcome (anxious about nothing).  Giving what you have, making known what you need, and receiving what is provided and being thankful for it.  What a way to live.

Maybe we all discover it.