You reap what you sow

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

“What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true.” ~Job 3:25

“According to your faith be it unto you.” ~ Matthew 9:29

One of the most profound and life changing concepts that the Bible teaches is that you reap as you sow.  You get what you give.  What a powerful idea.  God has literally through His prophets and writers of the Scriptures given us a key to create a life that is free and rewarding beyond measure if we take Him on His word and build on it in our lives.  Jesus called people who did this the Wise who build on a solid foundation like rock.

And here is another – the Scriptures teach us that you have the ability to paint a picture of what your life is going to look like. You may not get all the details exactly right, but you certainly play a part in shaping your future.

What you believe and what you expect in the spiritual have a tendency to come about in the natural.

This is why it’s so important to be careful how you speak to yourself, think of yourself, conduct yourself, and develop yourself.

That is why it’s so important to guard you heart and all the gateways that lead to or influence your heart (your ears, eyes, mouth, and feet), because this is truly where all the issues of your life come from.

Our future is in large part determined by what and how we think it will be. As we believe so it will literally be. If you want to read a classic book that has changed many lives, check out The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can manipulate your future, but there’s a strong connection between your perceptions, beliefs, self-portrait, faith AND your outcomes.  It’s vital to make sure your inner world lead your life in a direction as God intended it.

Many people wishing for a better life start on the outside and make some adjustments or shift a few things around, but without lasting effect and success.  If you want to grow into the life God wanted you to have from the start you need to start on the inside.

Your inner world need to transform – the Greek word is “metemorphoo” (where we get metamorphosis from) which mean a complete and utter change.  This is both an event (happens instantly) and process (keeps happening until we leave this life).

Our mind and how we think need to transform in this way – one time and ongoingly.  My heart and what I value and desire need to transform.  My plans and goals need to transform.

trinity church whangarei tikipunga

So here’s the call on you — Envision your future, your accomplishments and achievements, and your God-given significance, right now.

Too many people live under the yoke of worthlessness.  You are worthy.  You have a future.  You have a purpose.  You have value.  The challenge is to believe and claim it boldly.

Within the values and dreams God has given you, paint a picture of where you want to go, what you want to be like, and what you still want to accomplish in your life.  Expect good and pursue it rather than simply going through life without a plan and seeing whatever happens.

I’m not suggesting life will always be easy if you have the right thoughts, or that blessings will be showered upon you if you simply start thinking positively.

But know this, negative thinking poisons your life.

Some call this the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy.  So if these “prophecies” do have the power to be self-fulfilling, we might as well make them positive ones.

Here’s a powerful idea I live by personally – through God’s Spirit, His power, inner and Scriptural guidance, and energy flowing through our lives along with the all the gifts, abilities, and talents He has given us – we can shape the future to a large extent.

Yes, of course there are things we cannot control, but there also many things we do have more influence over than what we sometimes realise.

Because God created us and we carry His DNA, you and I have the potential of living lives of significance, possibility, and massive impact.

The question is – what will you choose to do with this newfound insight?

You reap what you sow. You get what you give.  You also lack what you keep.

May light and peace fill your life.